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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal illustrationWhen the nerve of your tooth dies out, a root canal must be performed in order to save the tooth and preserve it before it becomes too late.

At our practice, our dental team is here for you if you need a root canal or to simply discuss your options for the results you’re seeking.

How To Tell If You Need a Root Canal

Let’s begin by talking about what a root canal is and why you might need one. A root canal is a treatment to remove the dead nerve of a tooth to stop the spread or start of an infection.

A root canal may be needed after the tooth has experienced trauma (like an accident in which it may have been chipped or knocked quite hard). It’s also possible that severe decay and gum disease can cause the need for a root canal as the tooth dies.

The symptoms of a tooth with a dead or dying nerve include: pain in the tooth, abscess or infection near or around the affected tooth, sensitivity to cold or hot food and drinks upon consumption, and a “loose” or weakened tooth. If the nerve in your tooth has been compromised for quite some time, it’s possible that your tooth may be turning darker in colour—most often, brown or gray.

The Root Canal Process

If you’ve recently visited our practice and we’ve suggested a root canal for one or multiple teeth, we want to make sure you understand exactly what’s going to happen so that you can be an active partner in your care. We also believe that when you’re educated about your oral health needs, it can empower you to take control and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

When you visit us for a root canal, we’ll first examine your affected tooth to determine the severity of damage and to look for infection. If we find infection, we’ll provide you with antibiotics to take and schedule your appointment for the actual root canal treatment after your infection has cleared.

When you come back for your root canal appointment, we’ll being by numbing the area so that you won’t feel any pain during the treatment. We’ll also add anaesthetic directly into your affected tooth to numb any remaining feeling in the nerve.

If you’re anxious or nervous about your appointment, we’re happy to offer sedation—simply discuss it with us at your appointment.

After you’re numb, we’ll begin removing the nerve of your tooth and do our best to preserve its integrity so that you’ll still have full use of your tooth. If the tooth is quite weak or discouloured, we can discuss your cosmetic options, which may include veneers or crowns.

Most simple root canals can be taken care of in just one visit to our practice—please expect this to take roughly one hour.

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Are you in need of a root canal? We can help. Simply contact our practice today to book an appointment. We’ll do all that we can to ensure a comfortable, quick experience with us that brings the results you need.

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