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Gum Disease Treatment

Woman in dental chairAt Avadent Dental Centre, our team is happy to offer care for patients experiencing mild to moderate gum disease.

Gum disease is fairly common, and when caught early, can be stopped in its tracks, so long as the patient continues to follow proper oral health habits as outlined by our practice. We invite you to read more below about gum disease and what your care plan may look like if you’re experiencing the early stages.

What is Gum Disease?

Gums that are red or inflamed, those that bleed easily upon brushing, or those that may be receding, are typically experiencing gum disease. This can be a slow process, which may begin with bright red or inflamed gums for months or even years.

Gum disease is typically caused by poor oral hygiene, which means not flossing once each day or brushing your teeth each morning and night, as well as skipping dental checkups. Gum disease is called “gingivitis”.

Over consumption of sugary drinks and sweets can also lead to extensive plaque buildup, causing the gums to have issues.

Eventually, the inflamed gums cause the jawbone to shrink, and the teeth to become weak or loose. As the bone shrinks and the gums “pull back”, more of the tooth root will become exposed—this makes the tooth more susceptible to decay, plaque buildup and more.

When you visit us for your six-month appointments, we’ll always let you know if we see any signs of gum disease occurring. During your visits, we measure and track the length of your teeth, so that if recession occurs, we’ll know.

Treating Gum Disease

The best treatment for gum disease is prevention. If we find that you’re experiencing the early stages of gum disease, there’s good news—you can stop gum disease in its tracks by simply following proper oral hygiene recommendations. This includes daily flossing as well as brushing your teeth each morning and night, and between sweet meals or treats.

We may also recommend a specific toothpaste or mouth rinse formulated for your gum health specifically.

A deep clean may be recommended for you, which involves cleaning under the gums to remove any plaque or debris that may have found its way there. A deep cleaning ensures we remove all buildup around and under the gum line, setting you up for future success. As expected, we’ll continue to monitor your gums at every checkup you have with us so that we can ensure no further recession is occurring.

For patients experiencing severe gingivitis, we may refer them out to a periodontist who specialises in gum treatment, as they can offer you the best possible care—which is exactly what we want for your oral health.

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