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  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Time

    When you were younger, getting your permanent teeth was an exciting part of your childhood. Probably because it was likely preceded by a visit from the Tooth Fairy! However, as adults, growing your last molars, or your wisdom teeth, may bring a sense of apprehension. Due to the fact that they emerge when you’re in your late teens or early twenties, your teeth layout is formed already. Because of this, there is no space for these new teeth. Also, being placed right at the [...]

  • 7 Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

    We’ve all heard about smiles lighting up a room, and while It might sound like a cliché, a smile really can transform your face and put a sparkle in your eyes. In some cases, it also seems to give you that boost of confidence that you sometimes need. However, issues like bad breath, stained teeth and just overall negative oral health might make you cringe in embarrassment instead of open your mouth to offer a dazzling smile. Getting into the habit of taking care of your [...]